We don’t just do flat roofs thats just our biggest seller, we have been roofing in London for thirty years and have recent and past references for customers to view with phone numbers for proof.
New Flat Roofs, Flat Roof Repairs, and Flat Roof Skylights there what we get lots of calls for but we have tiled roofs slated roofs and all other types of roofing to our name

headerspanish slating and roof terrace

Roof Terraces Roof Repairs there all same to us with a proven track record theres not many companies that can give you pease of mind when waters coming through the roof.

We carry out emergency repairs on the day if we can, if we can’t fix it in the bad weather and its accessible we will definitely try our best to prevent the water ingress where ever possible and as long as its safe.

Roped access work is something that comes in really handy for repair work like getting out of high windows or skylights safely with a rope and harness to fix the roof leak.

roof terrace londonhigh performance flat roof

Websites disguise the irresponsible people in society and make them look better than they are no matter what we use websites for. Some people are out to steal, some people are just incompetent and can’t easily improve, thats life no ones perfect.

All the photos on the website are available for proof of work to show there not just plucked out of thin air. The references we carry are all from patient customers that allow us to keep using them as references some even after 10 years so with their permission.

We don’t want to rob you we don’t want to sell ourselves cheap either roofing is hard physical work. To do it properly we are competent at fixing roofs because we can take any roof no matter how complicated and pull it apart and then put it back together. That is a major requirement for repairing anything the sequences of how things work.

Repair mastic’s or paints are very rarely used by as thy seldom last because of the nature of modern buildings and thermal moment within them.